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What are the dimensions and weights of the Liforme Mats?

Please see the table below showing the size and dimensions of each type of Liforme mat. Also, check out our Yoga Mat Guide to compare the different features of each type of Liforme mat, and help you decide which one is right for you!

I am taller/smaller than the average Yogi - can I still use the AlignForMe system?

Yes, absolutely! The whole point about our original, pioneering alignment system is that it was designed to work for Yogis of all shapes and sizes. The markers are a system of symmetrical precision-etched reference points, which are there purely as a

What is the difference between the Liforme mats?

Are you unsure as to how our mats differ, or are you struggling to choose between them? Just use our handy Yoga Mat Guide to decide which one would be best for you.

Can I use my Liforme mat as a topper?

Our regular thickness Liforme mats (this includes our Liforme Yoga Mats, Liforme Evolve Mats and certain special edition products) are designed to provide plenty of cushioning for your yoga practice, so most yogis would not need to use their mat as a

Is the Liforme mat suitable for hot yoga, or humid climates?

We know that many Yogis love using Liforme mats for their heated practice as the extra grippy top surface aids their practice during an intense and sweaty session! However, we do like to just generally caution that our Liforme mats are not specifical

What's the lifespan of my Liforme mat? Is there any warranty or lifetime guarantee?

The lifespan of the Liforme Mats can depend on several factors such as how often your mat is used, how intense your practice is, how you care for your mat and so on. We’re confident all Liforme Mats will last a good amount of time, and provide great

What materials are the Liforme mats made from?

The Liforme Mats are made from our high quality natural rubber base and our specially engineered, proprietary and completely unique eco-polyurethane. Both these materials are fully biodegradable and sustainably produced materials, and we spent over 5

I have a latex allergy - do the Liforme mats contain latex?

The bottom layer of our mats is made from natural rubber, and natural rubber does contain latex. However, our top surface does not contain latex. We therefore urge caution to any Yogi who suffers from a latex allergy when using the Liforme Mats, and