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Is the Liforme mat suitable for hot yoga, or humid climates?Updated a year ago

We know that many Yogis love using Liforme mats for their heated practice as the extra grippy top surface aids their practice during an intense and sweaty session! However, we do like to just generally caution that our Liforme mats are not specifically designed to be used for hot Yoga. Liforme mats have an open cell structure on the top surface, meaning moisture is absorbed quickly and can evaporate easily, keeping your mat super grippy and your practice safe and steady, even during an extra sweaty practice.

Liforme mats are also made to be biodegradable, so regular heated yoga practices, or living in a hot and humid climate, could speed up the degradation of the Liforme mat and reduce their lifespan. We still believe your mat will last you a good amount of time even if you practice hot yoga, at least relative to most other mats made from biodegradable materials. We believe it’s super important to use non-toxic biodegradable materials in order to minimise any negative impact on the environment. And we certainly wouldn’t advise anyone to buy PVC yoga mats even though they can be more durable, as there are a whole host of issues with mats made from PVC – see here for more info. And as a bonus, most people have no need to use a towel on top of a Liforme mat- so you’ll also save energy and water, and avoid detergent and microfibre pollution by not having to wash a sweaty towel after each practice!

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