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Can I use my Liforme mat as a topper?Updated a year ago

Our regular thickness Liforme mats (this includes our Liforme Yoga Mats, Liforme Evolve Mats and certain special edition products) are designed to provide plenty of cushioning for your yoga practice, so most yogis would not need to use their mat as a topper. The Liforme Travel Mat, made for the Yogi on the go, is lighter and thinner. Whilst some yogis like a firmer surface, those who prefer a softer base might like to practise with their Liforme Travel Mat on top of a studio mat - it’s totally up to you. All Liforme Mats have a natural rubber base which has good traction, so if you do decide to use your Liforme mat as a topper it will usually lay quite nicely and evenly over the studio mat underneath (much better than your typical Yoga towel would!).

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