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Is there a warranty on Liforme Mats?Updated a year ago

The lifespan of the Liforme Mats can depend on several factors such as how often your mat is used, how intense your practice is, how you care for your mat and so on. We’re confident all Liforme Mats will last a good amount of time, and provide great value for our customers!

We have made a conscious decision to produce mats using biodegradable materials and sustainable manufacturing processes, and we focus very much on ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’ of use. We believe that the best mat for a truly Yogic practice is also one that minimises our impact on the environment and our mat, being completely biodegradable, does that. Many other mats do not and will have an ongoing environmental impact long after they have stopped being used.

We know that sustained practice can wear a mat out, in the same way that a pair of running shoes will become worn out, and eventually this will reduce the effectiveness of your mat on your practice. Hence it is not practicable for us to offer a lifetime guarantee or a warranty, but firmly believe we’ve got the best balance of eco-friendliness and durability.

Why not watch our video to learn more about how yoga mats have changed over time, and how Liforme Mats developed (as well as learning about some of the horrors of PVC mats)?

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